So it’s been a month and a half since gyms have reluctantly shut their doors for the greater good and you feel abandoned and have no idea how to keep up your fitness routine in isolation? 

Well my friend, you are in luck because you have stumbled across Ebony May’s guide to fitness inside! 

Whether you were an absolute machine pre-iso or you’ve never even stepped foot in a gym, this guide will help you to smash some fitness goals in the midst of or even long after this global pandemic. 


Step 1:

Drop the excuses.. and give me 20 push ups while you’re down there!

I know it’s a little inconvenient that all gyms are closed and that EVERYWHERE is completely sold out of gym equipment but it’s just the way it is my precious petal. There are so many workouts you can do with no equipment and limited space so take the energy you’re expending making these dumb excuses and get a sweat on!


Step 2: 

Routine is supreme. 

I know that we have all had our lives severely impacted by this current situation, many of us (including me) no longer have jobs to go to but we cannot let this derail us. I’ll admit that the idea of lounging around in my PJ’s and watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians all isolation has crossed my mind once or twice but the main thing keeping me sane right now is my routine. Routine is a game changer and not just for fitness, planning and scheduling your day means you get stuff done. Plan your workouts, lock in a time and smash them out. 


Step 3:

Inspiration in isolation.

You know how you promised me that you would stop making excuses back in step one? Well, not knowing how to put together a workout better not have been one of them. Episode 60 of my poddy ‘The Real Health Real Talk Podcast’ is all about how to plan a workout routine and session. If planning your own workouts isn’t your thing then YouTube some of the MANY available workouts for you to copy. Search the # homeworkouts on insta and you could scroll for hours. Get inspired and motivation will follow. 


Step 4:

Don’t be so hard on yourself. 

I know that so far, I have force fed you six table spoons of tough love BUT I do want you to be kind to yourself. If you want to take a break, everything will be okay. Maybe give meditation or journaling a go? Mental health is just as or even more important than physical health. This is a crazy time, there is no manual, breathe and just focus on getting through it. 



Step 5:

Exercise and life in general is so much better when you’re enjoying yourself and having fun.

If the gym and fitness is usually a really serious area in your life then maybe you can use this time to try something new, challenge yourself or just be a little more fun with it all. I have been training in my backyard and I have been having the best time! I think I’ll keep it up post-iso. 


Thank you so much for reading this far, I really hope that this guide helps you continue or even start your fitness journey whilst in isolation or at least put a smile on your pretty face. We are all in this together and I’m sending out the biggest virtual hug ever!


Ebony May x