While others keep telling you ‘It’s just the gym, why bother with how you look’ and although it’s true, I prefer the saying “Sweat like a pig to look like a fox.”  Looking and feeling your best at the gym will help with boosting your motivation and you’ll end up performing a lot better during your workout.

Confused with how this can be achieved? See our tips on how to look super gorgeous at the gym

Choose the right pair of trainers

Choosing the right pair of trainers for the gym can be a bit overwhelming when you have no idea what you’re supposed to be looking for. We want our trainers to be comfortable and supportive (just like our gym clothes), but we mostly care about how cute they look rather than what the shoe is meant to be used for.  Luckily there are options to satisfy all requirements. Find out what you will be using your trainers for, Running, different sports, gym? Go to the store and tell them what you want your trainers for; they’ll know what to give you.

What you should always go by is: If trainers don’t feel instantly comfortable when you put them on, move on to the next pair. A good pair shouldn’t be too tight or too loose

Once you’ve made your purchase pair them up with some colourful socks and get running.

Always go for opaque

I cannot stress this enough! There is nothing worse than see through sportswear. Invest in a pair of high quality black leggings or even go for colour or pattern printed leggings if you are feeling brave or in need of that extra bit of motivation.  Form-fitting, high waisted is the way to go.

The right fit matters!

You might think this isn’t that important and the fit of a tank top doesn’t really matter – but it does! We don’t want you wearing a tight tank top that rides up or even an oversized tank that will get caught in the machinery. Or worse! Leggings that keep riding down every time you bend into squat position. A good sports bra with maximum support is also a must to make you feel confident and carefree while working out.

Here at the VEREN we focus on giving you a comfortable workout with the perfect fit, maximum support, by using the right material.

Comfy underwear

We focus so much on a good sports bra, but forget the importance of good pants. Whether you wear leggings, tracksuits or shorts to workout, comfy underwear is a must. The best underwear for workouts are full coverage ones that last through high-intensity and longer durations

“Wearing underwear that’s too tight, or that’s made of material that doesn’t breathe well or doesn’t wick away sweat can lead to an infection,” said Justin Shelton on Women’s Health Magazine. Aim for Moisture-wicking, seamless and quick-drying material and technology.

Checkout Victoria Secret undies for endless options.

Make up if you must

Ideally we wouldn’t wear makeup to the gym, mainly because it tends to run everywhere and it’s not that great for your skin either. But if wearing makeup is what makes you feel more comfortable, then it’s important to go for light products that are oil free because then they won’t clog your skin. Go for a light BB cream or a tinted moisturiser and lightly powder on top and that would keep you looking natural but with enough coverage. Not only this, but it’s breathable and intended for long-wear. Maybe some waterproof mascara and some brow gel and you’re good to go. Talk to our fave makeup artist for tips.

PS. If you’re exercising outside make sure to use SPF


A hold-all bag will make your life infinitely easier, while also brightening up your gym outfit (especially if you naturally gravitate towards black). Juggling headphones, towel, water bottle and phone is never fun.

Avoid a music malfunction

Running on a treadmill, you’re always one head twist away from your iPhone ending up cracked on the gym floor. We’ve all been there. If you’re feeling flushed, in-ear Bluetooth headphones are ideal. Dr Dre Powerbeats2 are designed for gym goers. They’re sweat and water resistance, and best of all – no wires. A cheaper solution is to slot your phone securely into an armband.  Also you should always have a gym playlist on hand so that you don’t need to keep changing the song every couple of minutes, because that would get you out of your power mood.

There you have it! 7 key ways on how to look amazing at the gym