By: Ashley Blank-Certified Health Coach   

As our brand is all about health, wellbeing and fitness we collaborated with Ashley Blank a certified health coach to bring awareness on the topic of mind, body and health. She shares her own experience with food and recommends 4 steps on how to tap into your most powerful indicator for health – Your Body.           


Your perfect diet changes as you change. 

Think about that. 

You may find yourself eating one way at a point and time in your life and feeling great (which is AMAZING), but that may change as your circumstances change, your health needs change, or your lifestyle habits change. For example, perhaps you are beginning a new training regime to prepare for you next competition and you now need to shift around your macros and increase your protein intake to help you build muscle. Or perhaps you decide that you want to become a vegetarian and now need to find more plant-based meals to eat since you are choosing to eliminate meat from your diet. For me, I began to re-prioritize what I ate when I noticed a change in my gut as it was becoming more sensitive to foods I would normally have no problem with, but were now causing me to bloat like never before and cause me to experience digestive upset. It at first was so very frustrating trying to figure out what foods were giving me energy and peace in my gut and which were taking that all away, especially since I was so used to relying on others to tell me what was supposed to be good for me and what wasn’t. Wherever you are at right now, I believe we can all relate to that feeling of confusion of how to best move forward with our health to meet our goals and needs. 

So, what happens next? 

1. Approach eating with curiosity, not judgment. 

Though it was defeating at first to re-discover what healthy eating looks like for me, this experience was the turning point that helped me to approach my eating with curiosity, not judgment, as I learned to shift my attention to the most powerful indicator I have for my own health: my body. So, tune in to your body and learn from it as you become more mindful of what you are choosing to eat and the way it is making you feel

2 .Being in a community with like minded people.

Now, does this mean we cannot find and listen to others that can relate to us and learn from them about what foods they have found work for them? Absolutely not. Being in community with like-minded individuals who build you up and set a positive example is everything! We can learn so much from other people’s experiences and what they have found works either by personal experience, or through current research. So, connect and fill up your media feeds and internet searches with people who will uplift, educate, and inspire you! If you are looking for an Instagram page to help provide just that, check me out @savorynsweetnutrition! I post tons of health recipes as well!


3. Let your body be the final answer. 

Though it is super beneficial to listen to others and learn from them, when it comes down to it, make sure to stay curious to your own body and let it be the final answer of what foods are going to help achieve maximum health for you specifically. Try out different things, take notes on what works and what does not work for you and narrow it down to the perfect nutrition that is catered to your body and its needs.

4. Finally, do not lose heart and remember our wellness is a journey that needs to be appreciated.

 I believe eating should be approached with gratitude and as an opportunity to nourish ourselves and feel GOOD! Even if we find that we have to “give up” certain foods to meet specific goals we have or if you have intolerances or specific needs like me, I encourage you to consider all that you do still get to have rather than what you do not and make the most of it. Food should encourage us, not discourage, so take heart and enjoy the journey! Even in the hills and valleys there is much to be thankful for!


If you are looking for addition guidance and accountability, I am also a certified Health Coach and offer a 90 day program that helps men and women regain their digestive health and double their energy through a holistic approach that focuses on a whole foods diet and stress management. With me as your coach, I will be there to provide you constant support and guidance as you discover the right foods for you and build up the necessary habits to sustain your goals and newfound healthy lifestyle. If you would like to know more, check out my website here! 

I hope you guys are encouraged by this post, and that you find what works best for you! It is definitely a journey, so approach eating with curiosity and not judgment, as you learn to love your body and all it can do!