For Chris Andrea, keeping fit doesn’t get a weekend off. For him it’s all about, “the right mentality and organization”.

Good health and fitness should be what we all aspire for. There are many reasons to Stay Fit and we often forget the importance of them.

Below, Chris shares three reasons to Keeping Fit.

More Energy
If you catch yourself feeling tired or sluggish, trade in that coffee run for a run.

on the treadmill. During a good bout of exercise, our body releases natural hormones called endorphins. Even after we exercise, our endorphin levels stay up which contributes to a “runner’s high”, that feeling of euphoria you get after a good workout, which will last throughout the day.


Mental Health
In relation to that “runner’s high”, physical activity is a natural way to improve your mood. It can help relieve stress, depression, anxiety, overall health and wellbeing. Also, exercise helps improve your self-esteem which is also closely linked to mental health problems. When you exercise regularly, you will see your body slowly improve and achieve more than it did the day before, leading to increased self-esteem.


Weight Control
Physical activity coupled with proper nutrition helps people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to lose weight or stay in the shape they are currently in. While most of us want to lose weight for vanity purposes, there is also the advantage in building our overall strength and endurance for other activities and overall staying healthy.



Regular exercise, whether it’s a HIIT workout or a 30 minute walk, should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle and routine.

No matter your age, with regular exercise you will be able to achieve a great level of physical and mental fulfillment.

So whether you like training on your own or you’d rather grab a friend, family member or your partner, what’s most important is that you enjoy the workouts you choose to do and that you make it a habit.