Working out is hard – and motivating yourself is even harder!

You prepare for it the night before, pack your workout clothes in your work bag, prepare your breakfast and even set your alarm but that still isn’t enough to motivate you. The alarm goes off and you’re tossing and turning in bed wondering if getting up and working out is actually worth it. You’re about to hit that snooze button and go back to having that wonderful dream you were so much enjoying but before you do so, I ask you to wait a second and think about it.

Working out is not easy but it’s not about it being easy, it’s about the results and how proud of yourself you’ll be

It’s about the feeling you have after a workout, that sense of achievement when you manage to lift more weights than you lifted the day before, when the body-pump class didn’t seem as hard as it did the week before. That’s the feeling of Progress and Achievement.

If you need a little inspiration before a workout, have a look at these 10 ways VEREN women motivate themselves with every day.

1. Plan your weekly workout schedule

2. Make a checklist to track your progress

3. Consider working out with a personal trainer

4. Be Competitive

5. Find a workout buddy

6. Buy new workout clothes (Dress for Success)

7. Listen to music that inspires you

8. Stop saying it’s exercise (do something you enjoy)

9. Have a goal in mind (your personal motivation)

10. Celebrate your little wins, no matter how small you think they are